Monday, December 31, 2007

Charity Group for NE MS

I have only been looming for two weeks but I am really excited about the possibilities. I was thinking of forming a charity group in our area. A couple days ago I met Robin who lives about 15 minutes away. She had also been wanting to start a charity group. I am so excited to meet her and know there is someone else who wants to loom for charity. Of course we need more people than just me and her. We will take anyone who can sew, crochet, loom, knit, etc. Once we decide on a name(oh boy that is a hard one) I will get a website created for it. So far I have contacted LeBonheur(they need blankets) and St. Jude(they need hats and blankets). I have also emailed some of the social workers at NMMC and I am waiting to hear back from them. I am really excited about all the people that we can help.

If you live in Northeast MS and you can help please email me. Also, if you know of any charities in NE MS that we can help please let me know.

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