Friday, January 18, 2008

Hats, Hats, & More Hats

I started loom knitting on 12/23/07 and I have knitted every day except yesterday and today. I have knitted 39 hats so far. Only 38 are show in the picture. I left one out. Hopefully when things settle down today I will get to do a couple.

We are having Disciple Now at our church this weekend and the 11th grade boys(my sons age) will be staying at my house this weekend when they are not at church. I have been cleaning all week.

I hope to start on some dishclothes, afghan and other things soon. I am just scared to take the next step. LOL I also want to make one of those CUTE turtles.

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~Robin~ said...

Wow! The hats! You just need to jump into the dishcloths and afghan. It really isn't that hard. :D
I found in a Lion Brand newsletter today, a pattern for a needle knit preemie hat. I finally got some measurements and yarn recommendations, though I don't know if our hospital wants these. Someone will surely take them. Recommended yarn: Lion Brand Babysoft, Cottonease, and Vanna's Choice. For a head circumference of 6 inches make a hat 3 3/4" when laid flat. For circ. of 7 make it 5 inches in length. For circ. of 8 inches make it 5 1/2 inches in length. I am gonna use up what I have first, then I will try to purchase those recommended brands. Now I think those are just manufactured by Lion Brand so when I find them I will compare them to others. :D Good luck with Disciple Now. I went when I was in about the 11th to a friend's church and an elderly lady right next to the church housed us. She was sweet. :D