Saturday, January 19, 2008

O Ambassadors

Just wanted to share this. Sounds like a good program.

O Ambassadors™ is an exciting new joint project of Oprah’s Angel Network and Free The Children that will inspire young people to become active, compassionate and knowledgeable global citizens.
The program connects young people in North America with people around the world to create lasting change by working toward the UN Millennium Development Goals. Participants address problems such as hunger, poverty and limited access to education.

O Ambassadors Clubs

O Ambassadors is a school-based program. Educators are invited to apply to form an O Ambassadors Club at their school, either as a part of their classroom programming or as a school-based extracurricular opportunity for students.
Selected educators receive curriculum resources, activities and worksheets, as well as one-on-one support from our team of youth coordinators. Educators will lead their student club in activities that raise funds for development projects overseas and increase awareness of global issues at their school.

Clubs will run for the duration of the 2007/2008 school year

Clubs will explore four Millennium Development Goal themes: poverty, education, health and sustainable development

Specific fundraising and awareness activities will be assigned to clubs to adapt for their school audience. Clubs will receive instructional resources and programming support for each of these activities.

Take a look at how many clubs are part of O Ambassadors! Club members, you can log in to check out each club’s site and see what activities and goals other clubs are working on.
World Regions

O Ambassadors will work to support development initiatives in one of the five featured world regions. Each club chooses one region upon which to focus their research and fundraising:

West Africa
East Africa
South Asia
East Asia
Latin America

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