Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Need A 12 Step Program

I have something to confess to you. I just discovered I am a YARNAHOLIC! Yep, you heard me right. I can't believe it myself. It all happened so fast. Right before Christmas I discovered loom knitting which was the start of all of this! Now I sleep, eat, and dream about yarn and what I might can do with it. You really know you are a YA when you are looking at your cats trying to figure out how to gather up their hair and make it into yarn. (We have 5 house cats so we have plenty of cat hair just going to waste.)

I can't wait to see the Hobby Lobby ad each week to see which kind of yarn is on sale this week. As soon as I walk into Hobby Lobby I head for the clearance yarn to see if they have added anything new. I love to touch all the yarn and oooo and ah over all of it.

When I am at home I am constantly checking eBay to see if I can find some great yarn at a great deal. I have bought 4 lbs in the last two days and I am waiting on a couple more auctions from the same person to end. He offers parcel post shipping on 5 lbs or more. I have no clue what I am going to do with this yarn, but it sure is pretty.

Since we are broker than convicts right now I have to search high and low for change laying around so I can get my next yarn fix.

Oh, and normal people just don't understand YARNAHOLIC'S. They think we are nuts. YA syndrome is very contagious. My girls have caught it too.

I know there are other YARNAHOLICS like me out there. Does anyone know of a 12 step program for us? Why don't you share your YA story with me? You know the first step is admitting you have a problem.


up all night loom knitting said...

You know, cat hair yarn isn't anything new: http://www.styledash.com/2007/03/09/would-you-wear-a-cat-hair-sweater/

Being a spinner, you get addicted to fibers of all sorts (dryer lint anyone?) so the cat hair really isn't that crazy of an idea.

Here is another idea for you to help you with your yarn addictions (or to enable you, err, I mean contribute to it):

Recycled yarn is inexpensive and you usually hit the motherload. A sweater uses up lots of skeins of yarn depending on the size so if you need yarn on the cheap, give it a shot.


~Robin~ said...

ROFL! Oh, Penny...you have no idea how many nights I stay up late, all by myself, just to loom. Or how many nights that something regarding looms and yarn is the last thought before I fall asleep. I have dreamt of looming. I do the same exact thing that you do with Hobby Lobby. Chris has already mapped out the quickest route to the yarn section w/out putting breakable things at the kids' reach! LOL!

My name is Robin and I am a yarnaholic....but you can shove yer darn 12 step program! I am happy with my addiction! No, NO! You can't make me stop!!! I will die!!!! I need it. Please?! Please? I need more yarn and looms! (whimper) LOL!

Pigeon said...

My name is ShellyAnn and I am a yarnaholic. It snuck up on me, and now I'm a total addict. It's nice to know there are others out there with the same problem :)

Anonymous said...

The first step maybe admitting we have a problem, but it's not a problem I want to give up. Lol

I know, after I got my ball winder I realized just how much yarn I had and Hubby made me promise not to buy anymore until I use most of it up.

Craft Junkie